Meet the team at the Nursery

Meet the team at the Nursery!

In the heart of The Village you’ll find Bill and his team ready to assist with any ‘green questions’.  Bill has firmly planted his roots in The Village the last 17 years and he offers some advice for planting for the next season.

If you’re planting today:  “Pansies are always a safe choice and they will see you out until November or try petunias which add a lovely variety of colour to any garden. This coming week we will be getting our first batch of impatiens, which is a shade loving plant.”

Are there any herbs or vegetables that needs to be planted now? “You can plant most herbs and vegetables now. This time of the year is ideal for planting from seeds but wait a bit if you’re planting basil, coriander, rocket and chili’s. These are summer loving herbs so planting them later this month will be better.  Just remember – feeding your garden this time of the year is key as the growing season has started.

Do you have water wise and indigenous plants? “Yes, we stock a wide range of both – just pop in at the Nursery and ask for these. The benefit of Fynbos is that it can be planted the whole year in the Western Cape – no need to wait!”

Meet Felencia, Rita, Estelle and Bill of The Nursery.
Meet Felencia, Rita, Estelle and Bill of The Nursery.

Flowers  Flowers  Flowers  Flowers


No rush. Good things don’t change …

Since Arderne Tredgold’s 1965 Village of the Sea – The Story of Hermanus, the village has grown into one of modern day South Africa’s most desirable seaside retreats. A proud and buzzy little town now with a momentum all of its own – to the point where there’s no longer space for chickens and rabbits to run around with multiple-story car parks and parking becoming a booming business.

Thank goodness, there’s still real life after Tredgold and welcome to life in the slow lane. Where the good things haven’t changed. Where kids can safely tricycle while you shop and you needn’t keep your doggy on a leash. Where you can sit back on a park-style bench, to chill, curl your toes and breathe in real fresh air. Where you don’t queue for a coffee and parking is no problem. Where temptations are scattered within walking distance of another. Where, thank you very much, wi-fi and SnapScan are nothing new!

For the past 20 years the R43 and R320 innocently land marked the corner of slow living where like-minded shopkeepers and property owners quietly carried on doing business the way it used to be – personal and with a smile.

Boasting bakery, health and beauty, hairdressing, outdoor adventure, six restaurants, chefs school, indoor, outdoor, lifestyle, home and décor stores, gifting, entertainment, art and artists, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, galleries and gardens, festivals and wedding venues, nursery, food and wine market, wine shop, three wineries, wine tasting, mountain biking, safe walks and parking, parking, parking.

The Village offers locals and international visitors a space to enjoy spare time at their own pace and leisure – old world charm a modern day experience. Where hanging out takes on a whole new meaning. It’s local, it’s lekker, it’s casual and it’s safe and serves all age groups – stroller, skateboard, bicycle, roller-blade and wheelchair friendly.

Park and walk to breakfast, coffee or lunch; spring shopping at the nursery; browse the galleries and décor stores for that vase, carpet or fall in love with a ‘have to have’ painting; wine tasting and if you don’t feel like making dinner call in ‘sick’ and invite him for an early dinner – he’ll gladly play and pay!

Has your five year old or grandchild ever yelled in excitement chasing after a chicken or seen a real live bunny hop-hop-hop across the road? Where you don’t have to hold their hands when they decide cross the road? Where Rover welcomes the freedom to run around leash-free? And all you have to do is sigh?

Why then did the chicken cross the road? Because he wanted to!

Welcome to The Village – life in the slow lane.

Have you spotted spot…?

When in Rome – do as the Romans… When in the Village – do as Spot…!

Spot, the Village celebSpot, the lovable Jack Russel, is a regular sight in The Village as he takes himself for walks.

He loves lunch time at Biga and even visits Paul and Cathy at the Wine Village.  On his way up the Lane he visits each shop and makes sure all is in order.  One can even say is he the ‘in-house’ security however his weapon of choice is licks and a friendly tail-wag!

Be sure to spot Spot on you next visit!